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laub and Jennifer Moon, Systems with an Infinite Number of Degrees of Freedom / let go and let god, 1/1 A.P., 2017

laub and I donated the A.P. of this diptych series, Systems with an Infinite Number of Degrees of Freedom / let go and let god, to Venice Family Clinic's Art Walk & Auctions. There are still 4 more editions, each with a unique laub drawing. Contact Commonwealth & Council for more details!

I was part of this roundtable discussion with cognitive scientist Donald Hoffman. I am a huge fan of Donald's work. Hoffman proposes that we indeed live in some sort of matrix, a "conceptual prison," as he would say. "Reality is more like a 3D desktop that is designed to hide the complexity of the real world and guide adapted behavior. Space as you perceive it is your desktop and physical objects are just the icons in that desktop." How can we use this understanding of our reality to expand beyond the 5% universe? Watch this discussion and discover more!

drawing of Mr. Snuggles fanny pack

OMG! ✨Mr. Snuggles FOREVER✨ is fully funded!!! THANK YOU everyone who helped make this happen! 🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️😊🐶💕 Mr. Snuggles is now in the caring hands of Divya Anantharaman of Friends Forever Taxidermy. He will return anew as an enchanted fanny pack soon! I am so very grateful for everyone's support with this. THANK YOU!!!!

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photo of Jennifer Moon dancing in her office while Mr. Snuggles sleeps on her chair